All rates are discussed via e-mail address displayed here or in the contacts section. I'm trying to keep the rates as low as possible but they depend on many factors mainly on the amount of information you have on your family, the more you have the easier is my research and less time it's going to take. Sometimes I might need to have a trip to another region or Romania to perform the second phase of the research. The rates mostly depend on the amount of time I'll have to spend and the expenses I might have to support.  Here you can have an overview of all three phases of research typical for a situation when only the birth date, birthplace and the first and the last names of an ancestor are known.

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Genealogical Research 

The basic stage

Working with archival records in State Archives in Ukraine in Russian, Ukrainian and Romanian languages.

Visiting the villages. Interviews

The second stage

The access to the most  recent records is  limited by Ukrainian personal data protection acts and most of the records from 1920s upwards are not available for direct research. In order to finalize the most important research phase series of interviews are conducted in the villages until the direct and following descendants of the most contemporary to us persons mentioned in the available archival materials are established.

Meeting with family members, translation sightseeing,  and other support during your stay here 

The final stage

After genealogical research is finished and exact descendants most closely related to you are established your relatives are informed about you and your intention to visit them and the area. Contact information is exchanged and if there are any English or Russian (Romanian, Ukrainian) speaking relatives on both sides of your family everything else is up to you to arrange.  If not I'm glad to offer you translation services during your stay here, help you with hotel reservations and provide other types of support.

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