Quotes My father was born in a village in Bukovina and moved to Canada when I was a young boy. Unfortunately he was negligent in teaching me Ukrainian. We had the opportunity to visit our relatives in the Bukovina region several times in the last four years. Bukovina connections has been a real help in our communications with local Ukrainians during our visits and we can recommend them to you. Quotes
Alex and Wendy

Quotes My wife and I recently had the pleasure to use the services of Bukovina Connections to help plan and deliver a once in a life time first visit to Bukovina to connect with long lost relatives. We were hesitant to travel to the region due to the difficulty in making travel arrangements and concerns about the cultural and language barriers. Bukovina Connections acted as a go-between to contact our relatives, provided a top quality interpretation service for the week and acted as our tour guide. Our trip would never have been the success it was without their involvement. To get the most out of your limited time with your relatives you should consider engaging the services of a qualified translator to help make the introductions and to help conduct the conversations. The ability of our guide to fluently speak local languages as well as excellent English was a real asset. His knowledge of the local history was phenomenal, it added immensely to our understanding of the region. Quotes
Randall & Diana
Bedford, Nova Scotia, Canada