The opening view on Chernivtsi and Mt. Tsetsina fom one of the oldest known historical roads in the area.

Welcome to Bukovina!

   If you remember hearing  the name "Bukovina" from your childhood  family history it means that you may have a  connection to the region.  It is highly  likely   you  have  relatives  still   living   here  that  may  be excitedly  waiting  to also reconnect long  lost  relatives from abroad. Perhaps you have  been  looking  for  answers to the past of your  foregone ancestors, who  were  they, where  did they come from, and  why  did
 they leave? Maybe you have considered coming to  visit  on your  own but  were put off by the difficulties
 of traveling to a  strange culture where  you  don't  speak  the language.

   Bukovina Connection  is here to help you in your search for answers in the Chernivtsi Region of South-Western  Ukraine.   We   can   provide   a   wide   range   of  services   tailored  to  your   needs  including professional genealogical research to establish links with relatives living  in the  area, assist in organizing a  visit  including   travel,    accommodation    and   sight   seeing,  and  to   provide   quality  personalized interpretation services.
    If this is you, looking to find out more about the people and the land you  heard  about  in  your childhood  don't  hesitate  to contact  us.  We  will  be  pleased to assist you in discovering your Bukovina roots.

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